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St. Mary's School Administration

  Name Title Group Contact
LeAnne Chelchowski Chelchowski, LeAnne Office Manager Administration
Matthew Kuhn Kuhn, Matthew Assistant Principal Administration
Kathy Sowards Sowards, Kathy Bookkeeper Administration
Laura Webster Webster, Laura Principal Administration
Gregory Wilson Wilson, Gregory Pastor Administration



  Name Title Group
Joanna Brannon Brannon, Joanna Teacher, 1st Grade Teachers
Jenna Campbell Campbell, Jenna Teacher, 5th Grade Teachers
Jeri Carroll Carroll, Jeri Teacher, 1st Grade Teachers
LeAnne Chelchowski Chelchowski, LeAnne Office Manager Teachers
Michele Clifton Clifton, Michele Teacher, French K-8 Teachers
Kerry DalSanto DalSanto, Kerry Teacher, 2nd Grade Teachers
Ellen DeGange DeGange, Ellen Teacher, 3rd Grade Teachers
Alisa DeMass DeMass, Alisa Teacher, Kindergarten Teachers
Annmarie Gorensek Gorensek, Annmarie Librarian Teachers
Karen Henry Henry, Karen Teacher, Religion 1-5 Teachers
Melissa Henry Henry, Melissa Teacher, 4th Grade Teachers
Lorrie Jones Jones, Lorrie Teacher, 4th grade Teachers
Michelle Jordan Jordan, Michelle Teacher, 8th Grade Teachers
Christie King King, Christie Teacher, Art K-8 Teachers
Erin Kramer Kramer, Erin Teacher, Lit. 6 Teachers
Matthew Kuhn Kuhn, Matthew Assistant Principal Teachers
Kristin Matthews Matthews, Kristin Science Teacher 6-8 Teachers
Hannah McMullen McMullen, Hannah Teacher, 5th Grade Teachers
Gray Mole Mole, Gray Teacher, 3rd Grade Teachers
Shana Pearsons Pearsons, Shana Teacher, Computer k-8 Teachers
Jesmar Rivera Santos Rivera Santos, Jesmar Teacher, Spanish k-8 Teachers
Ramona Sullivan Sullivan, Ramona Teacher, Math 6-8 Teachers
Jane Timmerman Timmerman, Jane Teacher, Music k-8 Teachers
Laurie Ulmer Ulmer, Laurie Teacher k-8, PE Director Teachers
Sue Whisenant Whisenant, Sue Teacher, Math 6-8 Teachers


St. Mary's Support Staff

  Name Title Group Contact
Katherine Craney Craney, Katherine Marketing - Webmaster, Yearbook Advisor Staff
Michelle King King, Michelle Recess, Inst. Support Staff
Shannon Mayes Mayes, Shannon Recess supv. Staff
Michele Mc Dermott Mc Dermott, Michele ECP Director, Recess Supv. Staff
Ruth O'Brien O'Brien, Ruth AR Coordinator Staff
George Sapp Sapp, George Maintenance Staff
Michelle Smith Smith, Michelle Lunchroom Supv. Staff
Corintha Story Story, Corintha Staff
Alicia Visotski Visotski, Alicia Instructional Assistant Staff
Lisa Welsh Welsh, Lisa Morning Supervisor Staff







Distance learning information can be found on teacher's web pages.  Please click on your teacher's photo to access their page.