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St. Mary's PTO SCRIP Program

St. Mary’s PTO now offers our school and parish families an opportunity to earn a tuition credit and/or support our school with participation in our RaiseRight Program.  RaiseRight is a national fundraising program that offers a simple way for you to decrease the tuition cost for your family by buying gift cards to pay for your everyday shopping and spending year-round. Groceries, dining out, home improvement, and everything in between.

When you purchase a gift card from the RaiseRight Program at full face value, you receive a reward of a rebate up to 20% depending on the vendor. 
Of the total rebate, 50% goes to your family to use as a tuition credit, charitable contribution to the school, or cash back, and 50% goes directly to St. Mary’s School. 

The rebates will be paid out twice a year in July and December.

eGift cards can be purchased and delivered to your account in minutes when you link your bank account or a credit card and redeemed immediately at any participating retailers.  You can also reload money onto your already existing gift cards on the RaiseRight app. eGift cards can be printed and redeemed in stores or copy and paste the code at checkout to apply to an online purchase. Traditional gift cards can also be purchased online and mailed to your home or to the SCRIP coordinator. 

How to Enroll in SCRIP

A scrip agreement is required to be completed by each participate in the program to designate their election for the 50% portion which belongs to them. Please fill out this form and return it to the office.

Download Form

The most convenient and quickest way to utilize RaiseRight is to visit or download the RaiseRight mobile app. 


Simple Ways to Make your Rebates Grow Faster

Invite others to fundraise on your behalf: 

SCRIP is accepted nationwide… invite family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers to participate. 
On the RaiseRight mobile app, visit Account > Settings > Invite Friends & Family. Copy the enrollment link or share it directly with your contacts via email or text message.
Just make sure they complete a scrip agreement and write your family’s name on the form so that you get the rebate.

Incorporate gift cards into your normal everyday spending:

Streaming Services
Birthdays, Holidays & Special Occasions
Date Night
Employee Appreciation
Home Improvement
Daily Coffee Runs
Gas & Groceries


Scrip is a fancy word describing fundraising using gift card. It’s a common and completely safe method of fundraising that has been around for years.

All payments will be securely completed through the Raise Right website via bank withdrawal or credit card
1. Pay online with your bank account
From your Account page, choose Settings > Payment Options > Add Bank Account
Follow the steps to automatically link your bank account
There is a $0.29 fee on each transaction
This is the most popular & secure way to pay for gift cards! Get your eGift cards and reloaded funds instantly.
2. Pay online with your credit card
Visa, Mastercard, and Discover accepted
Option to save your credit card at checkout for future purchases
There is a 2.6% fee on each transaction
A convenient way to pay, while still having instant access to eGift cards and reloaded funds.

Pay your program coordinator with a check or cash, is currently not available due to potential delays in processing of gift cards from payment confirmation program requirements. Paying by check or cash for physical cards will be available during the holidays, see below for more details.

YES!  The online platform allows you to select a retailer and then indicates what forms of cards are available.  If you choose physical cards, they will be delivered to your home or the SCRIP coordinator who will setup a pickup time with you.

SCRIP orders can be placed anytime online!  E-cards and reloads are usually available immediately.  During the holidays, physical card orders will be placed by the coordinator.  The cards are delivered to the SCRIP coordinator who will setup a pickup time. More information will be available closer to the dates.

Yes! Sending an eGift card online eGift cards is the convenient way to earn on all your gifting. They’re immediately sent to your account, so you don’t have to wait for them to arrive or worry about any shipping delays. 

  • Select a brand and eGift card denomination, then check the box next to “Send as a gift by email” 
  • Choose to send the eGift card instantly or schedule delivery for a future date 
  • Enter the recipient’s contact information and add a personal message 
  • Add the eGift card to your cart and checkout using your linked bank account or credit card as payment 
  • The recipient will get an email with a link to view and print their eGift card 
  • Purchase an eGift card on or in the mobile app 
  • Go to your Wallet 
  • Select the eGift card you are gifting, then: 
  1. On, click the print icon or select File > Export as PDF to save it to print or attach to an email later
  2. In the RaiseRight mobile app, tap Use Card and take a screenshot to print, text, or email as an attachment 

Rebates will be issued in July and December.  Rebates will be disbursed at the rebate percentage of 50% of the rebate dollars earned.

You may indicate any school family or St. Mary’s School.  You may also opt for cash back.

If you choose to contribute your portion of the rebates earned to the School, you may be able to claim a deduction (seek advise from your tax professional).  Tuition rebates, donation to a family, and cash back are not tax-deductible. 

Fantastic! We would love to discuss the options for you to join the program. Please email us at to set up a time to talk. 

Email with any questions. 

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