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School Advisory Council


The St. Mary Help of Christian School Advisory Council (the Council) authority is derived from the Ordnance of the Diocese and the Diocesan School board.  The Council is called to provide quality Catholic education for all children in the parish whose parents desire to take advantage of such an opportunity.  The lay members of the Council provide an important advisory function in support of the pastor.  The Council promotes and sustains a quality Catholic education program. The key role of the lay members of the Council is to provide advice and support to the Pastor and Principal to achieve these goals.

The major areas of responsibility of the Council are:

  • Policy Making
  • Fiscal Review
  • Monitor Curriculum and Instruction
  • School Community Relations
  • Building and Grounds
  • Goal Setting

Dr. Tom Burns – President
Mr. Brian McElwain - Vice President, Facilities (Technology)
Mrs. Joy Dingfelder – PTO President
Mrs. Cortney Neel – Advancement/Development, Secretary
Mr. Paul Timmerman – Chair of Finance
Dr. Liz Stewart – Chair of Advancement/Development
Mrs. Vicky Tucker – Advancement/Development
Mrs. Laura Webster – Principal
Mrs. Joanna Brannon - Faculty Representative
Rev. Gregory Wilson – Pastor