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Alumni News

Our alumni shared with us what a St. Mary's School Catholic education gave to them!

“St. Mary’s provided me with a foundation that I have leaned on throughout my academic and adult life. My education at St. Mary’s was second to none and it gave me the tools to achieve at the top of my classes in both high school at South Aiken High and as an engineering student at Clemson University. My faith gave me the strength to handle the failures and struggles that I’ve encountered on my journey to becoming a cardiologist. I’m forever grateful for the decision my parents made for me as a child and it has played a major role in where I am today.”
Dr. Tim Maddux
St. Mary Help of Christians School Class of 1997

"St. Mary's School gave me wonderful gifts and virtues that prepared me for new experiences and challenges. I was given an excellent education, and with great teachers. I was given the motivation to aim for success and achieve it by trying my hardest. St. Mary's gave me everything I needed to excel in high school and has ultimately prepared me for the future." 
Nina Adams 
St. Mary Help of Christians School Class of 2014 
Aquinas High School Class of 2018 

St. Mary’s School gave me a multitude of gifts that not only helped me succeed while I was enrolled there, but continue to help me succeed today. Within the classroom, the atmosphere is conducive to learning because all of the students give their best every day and support each other at all times. The teachers also add to the classroom because even if you don’t believe in yourself all the time, they will. I give my sincerest thanks to all of the teachers I had during my time at St. Mary’s because they saw something in me that I didn’t even see in myself. Thanks to all the tools St. Mary’s gave me, I am now on a successful path at the University of South Carolina. I could tell in high school I was a step ahead in the classroom, and I can still tell in the University that I am a step ahead because of the excellent preparation of St. Mary’s. I can never repay St. Mary’s for all the school has done for me.
Brennan Webster
St. Mary Help of Christians School Class of 2013

My nine years as a student at St. Mary’s School laid a phenomenal foundation for both my faith and education, enabling me to transition smoothly and confidently to public high school, college, and beyond. Under the guidance of dedicated teachers and staff, I learned to love math, appreciate music, compete in 4 sports, and hold myself to high expectations along the way. I often think back to St. Mary’s School with extreme gratefulness for teaching me the importance of maintaining self-discipline and always choosing what is right, no matter the cost. Those invaluable lessons instilled in me as a student remain extremely relevant in my life today as I carry out my young adult life and continue to grow as a steward of our God.”
Meredith Clemmens
St. Mary Help of Christians School Class of 2008


I attended and loved St. Mary’s school for ten years, since 4K. It was always a wonderful environment. The teachers were amazing and I learned so much. All of the festivals, activities, and events were a blast and I hope students will continue to enjoy them. I was so blessed to a"end a school like St. Mary’s. Going to St. Mary’s will impact my life forever! Go Saints! 
Sydney Malyszek 
St. Mary Help of Christians School Class of 2016

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