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Distance Learning Information

Dear Parents,

I do have Zoom meetings Mon - Thurs at 10:00 and 11:00 to go over math skills.  If you (or I) think your child needs more one-on-one help with a certain skill, we can set up a separate Zoom meeting. I have sent you a link by email that you will need to use for these daily meetings. They are not mandatory to attend. Instead, think of these sessions as a help line for those occasional times you need help! You can also access answers to the math workbook pages under the Parent Resource tab.

Best wishes for a great learning week with your child!

Love, Mrs. DeGange

Links for Learning and Fun

Think Central

Reflex Math Practice multiplication and division fluency

IXL Math Practice This website will be utilized to practice skills currently being taught and also to review previously-taught skills.

Brain Pop Jr.
UN: discus2020
PW: learn1!

Mystery Science

Brain Pop
UN: aikensms
PW: Stmarys20

Specials Classes Distance Learning

Ellen DeGange
Ellen DeGange
Teacher, 3rd Grade
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