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At the end of the school year, fifth graders are "sorted" in their junior high houses. The principal announces each student’s name and house one-by-one, and the students walk through a door and enter their new house. The door, which was painted by students in house colors, symbolizes the entrance into one of the four houses.

All of the houses are named for Mary, Mother of Jesus. Houses have a color, a mascot, and a Latin motto.  

The four houses are: 
The House of Our Lady of Fatima
Motto: Forutude, Fidas Et Deus (Courage, Faith, and God) 

The House of Our Lady of Snows
Motto: Emitte Lucem Et Veritatem (Send out Light and Truth)
The House of Our Lady Star of the Sea
Motto: Erudito, ductus, sociatas (Learning, leadership, fellowship) 

The House of Mary, Untier of Knots.  
Motto: Ex fide veritas (From Faith, Truth)

Houses have about 20 students in each, and each house has three or four teacher mentors and one or two student mentors. 

The teachers, with help from their students, plan a House Challenge once a quarter. Student mentors lead the house challenges by providing instructions, demonstrating the challenges, and leading the attendees in prayer.

The challenges require teamwork, individual skill, and problem solving. Parent volunteers assist on House Challenge days as observers, scorers, and judges.