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Distance Learning Information

Welcome to Distance Learning Part 3!

Let’s get ready to finish out this school year strong! 

I am a creature of habit, so the format remains the same. There are just a few reminders that I want to make sure we all understand. 

1. The folders contain "opportunities" for your child to continue learning. You may choose which activities meet the needs of your child and family situation. 

2. I am requesting 3 items each week. They are highlighted in yellow. Assignments that you do not do can be saved for rainy summer days. 

3. We have 2 regularly scheduled Zoom meetings, Monday @ 9 am for a Weekly Welcome and Friday @ 9 am for Show & Tell. Your child is not required to attend Zoom meetings. I am available Monday-Friday, 8 am-6 pm for any student (or parent) needs. I can Zoom, Facetime, call, email, or text. 

4. You have a new folder labeled "Practice Pages." These are OPTIONAL and can be used at any time between now and 2nd grade! 

Superkids: We begin our last letterbook, XYZ, this week. The Project Corner for Unit 10 contains "fun" ideas that can be used to support the learning. I have included each lesson's overview page with the lesson plans. The Daily Routines are not done every day, but I did want to give you the lesson summary for reference.

Math: Our next unit is Time, and since time is not included in our GoMath! book, there are activities and worksheets for the lessons. Kindergarten students should be able to tell time to the hour.

Social Studies: During our last chapter, Life Then and Now, please share stories and photos of your childhood during the lessons. Your child will love them!

Journal: Journal writing is replacing the Daily Routines for some days each week. I have given you a topic for your child to write about, but feel free to adjust to events happening around home. Kindergarten students should be able to write a complete sentence, beginning with a capital letter and ending with the correct punctuation mark. 

Practice Pages: Thanks to a parent tip, I have added a new folder for the Math and Superkids practice pages. You will notice that there are a few other items. There is a card containing the Memory Words for Superkids that you can cut apart for flash cards. There is also a list of Dolch words taught in the Superkids program. The Dolch words have been identified as commonly occuring words in children's books. I have also included some Mad Minutes for addition and subtraction facts. The first pages are Kindergarten appropriate with facts to 10. The others are challenging and can be used after mastery of facts to 10. 

God bless you for all you are doing for your families!

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