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Parents considering enrollment at St. Mary Help of Christians Catholic School for their child/children are encouraged to schedule a time to meet with the principal and to tour the school. The interview with the principal provides parents an opportunity to communicate important information about the child/children in regards to special talents, needs, interests, as well as social, physical, and emotional characteristics. The principal uses this important information in order to place younger students in classes which will provide the most appropriate match of teacher to student.
Parents living outside the Aiken area are encouraged to schedule a phone interview.  Personal and phone interviews may be scheduled by calling (803) 649-2071 or contacting the principal at

To be admitted, a registration application must be completed and fee paid. Copies of the following documents must accompany the registration application: 

  • Verification of active parish affiliation/stewardship 
  • Health Records 
  • Immunization Records  
    • All students must have current immunizations.   The only exemption to the policy is in the event that a student has an illness that would compromise his/her life by being immunized.  Documentation of a compromising condition, must be presented on a physician’s letterhead prior to acceptance.
  • Birth Certificate (original) 
  • Baptismal Certificate (Catholic applicants only) 
  • Report Cards 
  • Standardized Test Results 
  • Record of IEP or 504 Plan (If applicable) 
  • If applicable, a copy of custody agreement or adoption papers
  • If parents are divorced, a copy of the court issued a parenting plan. 

Acceptance/Placement is dependent upon receipt of all documents and satisfactory performance on required placement test.  Please contact the office to schedule the placement test.

Need more information?    Please fill out our Request More Information form and our Admissions Office will contact you.

Tuition and Fees Tuition and Fees

ALL registration fees, technology fees, and tuition must now be paid through FACTS.  If your family is new to FACTS, at the time of enrollment, a ParentsWeb account will be setup for you.  After your ParentsWeb account is set up, please click here to set up a new FACTS financial account.  If your family is already using FACTS, you do not need to recreate an account.  Approximately one week after you turn in your enrollment paperwork, FACTS will send an email notification that your account is now open.  FACTS will deduct indicated payments from your bank account, or, for an additional fee, you may elect to pay by credit card.  At this time, DO NOT SEND CASH OR CHECKS, but indicate your intended payment plan from the options listed below.  (St. Mary's School will pay the FACTS registration fee for each account.)

Registration & Technology Fees

Registration and Technology Fees are $400 per child. 
The registration fees for new families are payable to FACTS in full when account is open.
For returning families a minimum of $100 of the registration fee is due to FACTS when account is opened.  The balance must be included in your FACTS payment plan.  Registration fees are not refundable.

Tuition Assistance
Families interested in applying for tuition assistance are required to apply for assistance online through FACTS.  Applications and required supporting documents should be submitted to FACTS by April 24, 2020.  Families registering after April 24 should contact Ms. Krushinsky, principal, to request assistance.

Tuition Structure
Tuition for the 2020-2021 school year is shown in the chart below. St. Mary Help of Christians Catholic Church will continue to subsidize the tuition for Catholic children whose families are active members* of St. Mary Help of Christians Catholic Church. Those active members* may also receive the multi-child discounted tuition rates. Second children will receive a 20% discount, third children will receive a 40% discount, and fourth children will receive a 60% discount.

For the 2020-2021 school year, the discount for the non-Catholic multi-child families has been maintained at a 5% discount for second children, a 10% discount for third children, and a 15% discount for fourth children. 

Tuition Table

 * Registered, attending, contributing, members of St. Mary Help of Christians Catholic Church or another parish.  
Active members of Catholic Churches other than St. Mary's should provide 2019 membership, attendance, and financial records at time of enrollment.

Tuition may be paid by one of four methods: (l)  prepayment in full on August 5, 2020. (2) payment in two semester payments on August 5, 2020 and January 5, 2021; (3) by twelve monthly payments, July 2020 - June 2021; (4) or by 10 monthly payments, August 2020 - May 2021.

Active parishioners of St. Mary Help of Christians Church receive a discounted tuition rate.  “Active parishioner” is defined as one who is a registered member of St. Mary Help of Christians Church, attends Mass on Sundays and Holy Days, and contributes to St. Mary’s Church using personal checks, on-line giving, or the envelope system.  An affirmation of active parishioner status is required annually.  In addition to at least one parent being registered, attending, and contributing, the child/children attending St. Mary’s School must be Baptized and members of the Catholic Church.