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St. Mary’s maintains accreditation by AdvancED/Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  Accreditation by AdvancED indicates that St. Mary’s meets staffing and curriculum requirements, undergoes a periodic, comprehensive self-study, conducts annual updates, and hosts an accreditation review team of professional educators every five years to visit the school, assess the accuracy of the school’s self-study, and provide recommendations for improvement.  St. Mary’s has been accredited since 1974.


Professional Staff

St. Mary’s primary and elementary or early childhood teachers are certified and have bachelor’s or master’s degrees, many with coursework beyond the master’s degree level.  Junior high and “special area” teachers are either certified in their subject areas or are “highly qualified,” meaning they have at least a bachelor’s degree and have majors or minors in their assigned subjects. St. Mary’s professional staff (teachers, librarian, and principal) participate in at least five days of professional development training each school year.  Full-time teachers are available at least one morning or afternoon each week to work with students who need additional time or assistance.